Back to School with The Decorating and Staging Academy

The school year is well underway and with the littles back in the classroom you may be considering heading back to the classroom yourself.

But when it comes to going back to school you may be worried about your ability to get into the classroom. What about work or all the things you need to take care of as part of your daily life? Here at The-DSA, we offer online webinars that allow you to learn when you want!

To kick off the school year, we’re hosting a 3-part webinar series created and presented by the Professors of Decorating and Staging at The Decorating and Staging Academy.

The-DSA loves sharing information and knowledge. We offer variety of classes, webinars and coaching opportunities so you can learn anywhere.

Enjoy all levels of learning at The Decorating and Staging Academy. The levels are designed to help chart your learning path whether your want to learn to stage for fun or a professional career. We’ll teach you how to stage and provide decorating training.

Level 101 classes are great for gathering information on a specific topic. It is considered a beginner level course and easy to grasp. Level 201 classes or intermediate classes take core topics deeper. Some prerequisites are required for these classes, so contact us to learn more! Level 301 classes will take your knowledge to the next level.  In-depth learning taught in classroom setting or in the privacy of your home. Some prerequisites may be required. The-DSA offers a variety of classes from certification to continuing education and confidence-building classes. As the longest running training program of its kind in the USA, we have helped many turn their talent into a profitable business. The classes are based on solid design principles combined with logical systems that will get you up and earning quickly. Our decorating training program is recognized by industry associations as among the best in the industry provided by highly qualified and experienced Master Professionals. If you are comparing our training programs to others around the country, (we encourage you to so do) chances are that trainer began their career by training with The-DSA.

Don’t miss the bus. Grab your pen, notebook, and charge your brain for a focused approach to home staging, decorating and working with clients.

Learn more about our online webinars, hands-on classes, and so much more at