Back to the Basics: Furniture Placement

4736d5d4a802dbe0cce482ea29da51c9 One thing that can make or break the look of your room is the furniture placement. You don’t want items that are too big or too small or put in the wrong place or set-up. To help you avoid these interior decorating mistakes, check out these furniture placement tips: Don’t forget your tape measure: Before you can purchase anything to put in a room, you need to make sure you know not only the size of the furniture, but also the size of the room. Measure each wall and every item you’re considering putting in the room so you know exactly what you’ve got to work with. Be sure to balance: Choose a variety of pieces that are relative to one another in size so you can keep the scale evened out in the room. This will give the space a more serene look while also making the room feel like it’s complete. Give it variety: Give the room a boost of visual interest by adding in several pieces of furniture that have varying characteristics. Go with large and small furniture to add volume to a room or keep pieces similar if you want to create a harmonious environment. Think like an artist: When adding artwork to your walls, it’s best to take in the perspective of an artist. Use triangulation when putting the room together. For example, place two end tables on each side of the sofa with a painting above the sofa. It will create a triangular look and give the room more depth. See an image that’s yours? We’d LOVE to give you credit where credit is due. Please let us know your name and link to where we can find the image by sending us a message on Facebook!

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