All I Want For Christmas is… – Sandra Racz

All I Want For Christmas is… – Sandra Racz
      •  Beautifully Decorated Tree
      •  Show Stopper Mantel
      •  Big Hit Centerpiece
      •  Welcoming Front Door
      •  To Enjoy the Season
            oh and World Peace


Who won’t want this list for Christmas?  It’s is popular Holiday List considering the stress and expectations that surround the holidays.   When did the holidays become so out of control?  Seasonal decorations hit the stores two seasons early.  Really we are in the middle of Halloween and Jingle Bells is playing in the store.  It’s no wonder we feel the pressure to plan, purchase and decorate like Martha Stewart.  Does it really matter if we make our own pie crust? We string our own popcorn garland? The answer is “It Shouldn’t!”.  My new philosophy, if someone comments on my lack of or inferior decor, my average meal or the use of paper plates, they may not make the guest list next year.  This could be a problem if it’s a family member commenting.  It’s so hard to keep up with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday, Super Saturday and Green Monday.


Here are a few tips for making the most of your holidays:

      1. Decorate with a pleasing color harmony. Just like when we decorate our homes through the year, the color harmony creates that balance and personal feel. 
      2. Introduce a new color into your holiday color scheme for a update. Don’t see that chartreuse, moody blue or neon pink?  Spray paint is your friend.  Taking Dollar Tree candles, spraying them your new color will give you that pop and  is an economical way to introduce that color.  When the candles are burnt the color stays nicely on the exterior.  The tops will be remain white but unnoticeable.
      3. Group ornaments and sprigs together for a bigger impact. The tree is only a backdrop for all the interesting ornaments and elements.
      4. Dimension adds interest and reduces the need for extra ornaments and décor which will save you money.
      5. Use a common foundation element allowing for a small focal area. Mix older and new garland together for an updated look.
      6. Buy a pre-lite Tree. You can always add more lights if time and energy permits.  Consider an uplight from a Big Box Home Store to add extra ambience.  Costs range from $5-$12.  Set the light on a timer.
      7. Use logical but unique tree containers or planter.
      8. Purchase ribbon with wire for your bows and packages.  Costco, Sam’s and wholesale vendors provide beautiful and structured material.
      9. Keep it Simple. Festive arrangements don’t have to be complicated.  Fill an apothecary with ornaments, fake snow, a list of your favorite things, geographical ornaments, etc.


Learn from the professionals.  Watch Kirby Holt, a Master Level Floral Designer, share a few tips to make the season beautiful and easy.

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Photo is from K&K Showroom.  Check their amazing holiday decor.