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Statistics – PROVE IT! Show Me, Don’t Tell Me!

by Angela Brooks-Osborne 0 Lessons in $199.00

“Trust is crucial to securing clients. If they don’t trust you, they won’t buy. Many stagers think it is price that keeps the clients away, when in fact, it is trust that it is worth it.”Angela Brooks, Marketing Coach for 100’s of stagers across North America. Ever been asked for proof that staging works? Did you know statistics can actually come in different formats and even just starting out a...

Pricing, Packaging and Presenting

by Angela Brooks-Osborne 4 Lessons in $199.00

Have you ever completed a project to find out you actually lost money? Or maybe made so little you felt cheated and discouraged? Do you struggle over competing with others in the industry, when they are charging so little you have to wonder, just how they are still in business? Do you struggle to get clients to pay your service fees? Would you like to see more industry professionals UNDERSTAND...