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Last Tuesday Free: Know Your Client's "Decorating DNA"

by Sandra Racz 0 Lessons in ,

Did you know your client has a pre-defined preference toward color palettes, as well as furniture and art styles? Your goal is to understand that preference and know how to use it in your decision making process. Join JoAnne Lenart-Weary and Sandra Racz as they help you understand “Decorating DNA” and how to make money with the 4 Client types you will encounter.

Last Tuesday Free: Virtual Designs Made Easy

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Want to know more about this hot new trend. When only 10% of homeowners, agents and potential buyers are able to visualize a 3D rendering is valuable.  Showcasing a  space furnished vs. vacant, utilizing different styles and placement options gives a clear picture of the room’s potential.   Join Jeanne McDermott, owner of At Your Service, as she shares how virtual designs can change your business. 

Last Tuesday Free: Boo, Gobble, Ho-Ho-Ho

by Sandra Racz 1 Lessons in ,

We share tips for the upcoming seasons. Explore the holiday styles as well as six tips to approach your holiday decorating. We consider the Money Factor in your decorating. Check out the certified seasonal decorating course at The Decorating and Staging Academy

The Skinny on Mixing Patterns and Colors

by JoAnne Lenart Weary 1 Lessons in , $35.00

Patterns and textures give a room personality.  They help define a style and color story.  This webinar featuring our 6 Step Method of mixing patterns and colors with style and flair.  Don’t just rely on what the manufacturer suggests…create an individualized look for each and every client.  We will discuss:   What Goes with What Pattern Ratios Impact of Color  Vendors and Resources and more…

50 Measurements Every Decorator and Stager Should Know

by JoAnne Lenart Weary 1 Lessons in ,

Arranging furniture, hanging art, lighting or drapes, and so much more come with rule of thumb numbers every pro should know. Do you Avatar Teachingknow the significance of 12″ in a room. How about the importance of 36 or 54 inches? How many inches should be around the perimeter of an area rug? Do you know the core numbers every contractor wishes a decorator knew? Where do light switches belong?...