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The Skinny on Mixing Patterns and Colors

by JoAnne Lenart Weary 1 Lessons in $35.00

Patterns and textures give a room personality.  They help define a style and color story.  This webinar featuring our 6 Step Method of mixing patterns and colors with style and flair.  Don’t just rely on what the manufacturer suggests…create an individualized look for each and every client.  We will discuss:   What Goes with What Pattern Ratios Impact of Color  Vendors and Resources and more…

Make Money with E-Decorating

by Sandra Racz 1 Lessons in $129.00

Clients, clients everywhere…why limit yourself to your backyard.   The power of the Internet allows you to decorate anywhere without ever leaving your office.  There are many reasons why e-decorating has become popular but what really matters is how to turn it into a lucrative service. This workshop includes an actual virtual visit to a client somewhere in America where we will gather all the pertinent information.  As a team, we will...

50 Measurements Every Decorator and Stager Should Know

by JoAnne Lenart Weary 1 Lessons in ,

Arranging furniture, hanging art, lighting or drapes, and so much more come with rule of thumb numbers every pro should know. Do you Avatar Teachingknow the significance of 12″ in a room. How about the importance of 36 or 54 inches? How many inches should be around the perimeter of an area rug? Do you know the core numbers every contractor wishes a decorator knew? Where do light switches belong?...

Steps to a Perfect Room

by Sandra Racz 1 Lessons in

Don’t you love it when you can just follow the steps…to anything.  During this webinar you will learn the step to creating the perfect room.  It is that easy.  1-2-3 with Cheryl Cousins and Sandra Racz. After watching the webinar follow the steps for your room or your clients.

Confident Client Consultation

by JoAnne Lenart Weary 1 Lessons in , $50.00

Do you feel confident when talking to your clients?  During the consultation process, you need to be able to interpret what your homeowner is saying.  Face it, most of our clients need help deciphering what they need for their decorating projects.   With the Confident Client Consultation you learn how to zero in on your clients’ needs.  Check out the awesome form kit.

Color Palette and Pointers

by Sandra Racz 1 Lessons in

The-DSA has created an “onDemand Supplemental Education Series” to allow you to learn and build your skills in your home, on your schedule, whether you are a novice or established professional. During this webinar you will gain a better understanding of color, how to prepare color palettes to help you select the perfect color combination for you and your clients

20 Things Every Room Needs

by Sandra Racz 1 Lessons in

This webinar provides the basic elements every room needs… 20 Things Every Room Needs will help you decorate your own home or a client’s. This webinar includes a handout with apps and forms to aid you in making the best decisions for every room.

Color Confidence: Certification

by JoAnne Lenart Weary 2 Lessons in

Color is the root of every beautiful room and often the aspect that  intimidates even the professional decorator and stager.   The Confident Color System Class will arm you with a color confidence you didn’t think possible.  Your trainer and creator of the class, JoAnne Lenart-Weary will delight you with her approach to teaching.  This class begins with the color theory you need to know then segues into the most practical and unique color...