Three Don’ts When Moving Into a New Home

Three Don’ts When Moving Into a New Home

Crossing the threshold of a new house, a surge of exhilaration fills the air. It’s a blank canvas, a space destined to embrace new experiences and forge lasting memories. In the venture to transform this new beginning into a personal haven, discovering the magic of immediate changes – the small yet profound touches that would soon turn the house into a true home.

  1. Don’t Paint Without Purpose – With paintbrushes in hand, embarked on the first transformation painting the walls. The untouched white walls or the previous owners color preference seemed to beckon for colors that could encapsulate your family’s essence. Subdued greens and blues can craft an atmosphere of serenity in the living room and master bedroom. Going bold can also give a new, exciting feel to a dining room.  White cabinets are classic but white will have an undertone that could give the space a totally different feel then the small paint chips viewed in the paint store.  Be sure and view the paint in the actual space it will be used.  Don’t pick colors based on Pinterest or Pantone’s Color of the Year.  Your style and the existing colors featured in the space will influence the color selection.

  2. Don’t feel Pressure to Buy all New Furnishing – Through a careful, systematic placement process, you can arrange your cherished furniture, possibly a few new items and start to see the rooms started to exude a sense of familiarity. The antique armchair upholstered in a fun new fabric may find a new home in the office or reading nook.

  3. Don’t Skip the Kids’ Space – As parents to a young boy, ensuring a seamless transition for him was paramount, says Katelynn Sprinkle. His room underwent a bold transformation, reflecting his unique personality. Keeping his personality, some of their favorite things made the new room an instant cozy feeling. 

Yet, the journey of personalizing a house transcends the visual. The ebb and flow of daily life demanded efficient organization. Unpacking boxes becomes a surprise.  Revealing framed photographs invoked a wave of nostalgia. These captured moments adorned the walls, effectively weaving a narrative of their shared journey.

After all the painting, unboxing, and furniture and art arrangement, the new house had shed its past identity and is evolving our style.  With each stroke of paint, every placement of furniture, and the memories captured on the walls, it’s a testament that a house truly becomes a home through personal touches.

Don’t Forget to Share Unpacked Boxes – Take the time to break down the boxes.  Posting them on Facebook Market Place or take them to the recycle center is a win-win.  You clear out the clutter and help someone keep their moving cost down.