Five Things We Are Crushing On

Five Things We Are Crushing On

Here are five things we are crushing on today. Remember a crush may change tomorrow, you are not married to it.  We all have our favorites colors, décor items and accessories. Our taste change throughout the decorating process and years.  My childhood home has painted wedgewood blue and throughout the entire home you saw a different saturation and values of blue.  The carpet, walls and accessories confirmed my Mother had a crush on blue.

Guess what color I used in my home when I had the opportunity to be in charge? You guessed it; it was not blue.  Green was my hue of choice.  Since the major paint companies have selected green in a variety of saturations of green, it is safe to think others are crushing on this color too. 

  1. Green – Let’s look at some of the paint companies Colors of the Year. It’s insightful to know what our clients are interested by knowing what they are searching. Houzz reports the search for green kitchen cabinets have increased 829%. Green bathroom tile search is up 771%.  It makes sense then that green sofas and accent chairs are featured in many of The-to-the-Trade Markets. Painting cabinets green may feel as scary as a blind date but adding a green accessory is doable.


  2. Chain/Cable accessory – The beads that inundated our homes over the last year still have impact and presence but the chain with its options make it a versatile accessory. Being able to introduce different finishes makes it transitional and a fav for our clients’ varying styles. You will see this accessory in different organic textures like bamboo, rattan, metals or colors.
  3. Dimensional accent walls – We just completed the selection process for a new build. I get so excited when I start laying out the selections for a space.  Watching the floor, shower wall, countertops all start to coordinate actually makes my heart race.  Gosh, I love my job.  The options for adding interest with dimensional tiles, wood details, wallpaper and artwork is endless.
  4. Unique lighting – There is no excuse for boring lighting. Yes, some lighting options can break the budget but keeping your eyes peeled for a deal, shopping wholesale and getting creative can make lighting budget friendly. Never sacrifice the practicality of proper lighting but don’t be shy in making a statement.  I recently purchased high end chandeliers from Facebook marketplace and spray painted them.  A “deal purchase” gives us more freedom to experiment.
  5. A Theme – party, room décor, color harmony are some of the ways to take the guesswork out of decorating. Whether hosting a Valentine Party or introduction seasonal décor changes focus on making it uplifting and easy.   Approaching your selections based on practical decisions, budget, creativity and remembering the goal can create a fun night or a new, cohesive look

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