Tips for Adding a Vintage Touch to Your Home!

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Raise your hand if you LOVE Joanna Gaines? We’re seriously obsessed with her and her a-dork-able husband Chip. If you haven’t seen Fixer Upper, well, you should!

Joanna’s style is a combination of farmhouse chic and vintage, and we couldn’t enjoy the looks she creates anymore than we already do. To help emulate the visionary design style that Joanne emits, we’re offering up some tips on how to add a touch of vintage to your home!

1. Lighten up your walls

Don’t want to knock down walls? Consider changing up some of the wall colors in your home. The lighter colors in this kitchen, combined with the stone, allows the cabinets to “pop.” The light colors will help bring out the special features and characteristics of your home’s original charm.

2. Add natural and modern touches

Vintage doesn’t necessarily mean old. While “old” is the go-to when trying to incorporate vintage, you can also up your home’s charming feel by adding natural or modern touches to your home. You can add that modern touch by putting small succulents into a lantern and using it as a centerpiece or another focal point in your home decor.

3. It’s in the details

You can’t recreate the same vintage look in every home, and while it’s a popular trend in home decor today, you want to make sure you stick to the details. Be unique in your decorating and stay true to who you are.┬áVintage decor can be found in repurposed architectural elements or through a reproduction of an already created work. You can find items like these in the new signs available at A Village Gift Shop.

4. Freshen up with accessories

You know what lighting up the colors on your walls can do to help establish a vintage look in your home. Now imagine how much further you can take the look by switching some of your accessories around from other rooms (or buying new accessories at A Village Gift Shop). You can give a room a fresh and new feel with just a few exchanges and a couple cans of paint.

5. Add shiplap or wood paneling

While shiplap isn’t for every home, you can use wood paneling as a vintage charm in other ways. Check out the work below that we did for a past client, adding some wainscoting to give their dining room a little extra charm.

How did you give your home a vintage look? Let us know in the comments below!

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