Three Holiday Decorating Tips

Holiday decorating is probably well underway at your house, but if you’re someone who likes to wait a little bit longer than others to decorate your home for the season – we have some tips for you! Use What You’ve Got – Create your own holiday palette using hues already incorporated into your decor. Your decorations don’t have to stick to the typical red and green theme, if you have plates that are a different color you can still use them! All you need to do is add a wintry touch with evergreen boughs and topiaries! Switch Your Candlesticks – Take out your plain white candlesticks and add something more festive! You can give them a holiday touch with red, green, or even blue candlesticks. You can establish a color theme with these as well by matching them to a table runner or other holiday linens in your home. Sturdy Fabrics – Use durable felt or synthetic fabrics to cut out angels, birds, and snowflakes to tuck into an outdoor wreath or tree. And, perhaps most importantly, have fun with your holiday decorating! It doesn’t really matter HOW you decorate your home as long as YOU love it! Learn more about how our DSA trainers can help you decorate your home for the season at