Start Early: Preparing for the Holiday Season

If the next few months go as fast as the summer did then the holidays will be here in no time! While it may seem like a little too early to get started on organizing and preparing for the holiday season, you’ll be surprised at how quickly it all goes by. Here are some tips on getting started early for the holiday season: 1. Sort through your holiday decorations: As you put your summer stuff away and pull out your fall decor, it’s likely that you’re going to run into some of your holiday decorations. Since you’ll already be in storage, do yourself a favor and go through everything! Put wrapping paper in one box, gift bags in another, and your home decor in another. 2. Set up different piles: It’s never a bad idea to have “keep,” “donate,” “gift” piles. There are the decorations that you have always had and will always have, you can keep those. Then there are the ones you haven’t pulled out in a few years that would find a better life if they were donated and purchased by someone else. If you’re like a lot of moms out there, you probably buy gifts for friends and family throughout the year and hide it in your holiday stash. Now would be a good time to start labeling which gift is for whom so that you don’t forget and get confused toward the end of the year. And don’t forget to throw away the decorations that are broken, as they can’t be reused and shouldn’t take up space in your home. 3. Relabel and organize: You can never be too organized, and while you’re back in the decoration area of your basement you might as well take some time and plan ahead (you’ll thank yourself for it later). If you put your stuff away in a rush last year, take it all back out and reorganize it. Put your wrapping paper in one box, gift bags in another, lights in another, and so on. When you know what you have in storage, relabel, and organize all of your holiday decorations and items, you’ll know what you need to get for this year and where it’s all located! Find more home decorating and staging tips, as well as decorating and staging training information, on our website at