Lies Homeowners Tell Themselves When Listing Their Home

Check out these common lies that homeowners tell themselves when listing their house! Have you told yourself any of these? Let us know in the comments below!
  1. “They know we live here”
  2. “Wallpaper is easy to remove”
  3. “Ah they can see past a little dirt”
  4. “They will want to change it anyway”
  5. “No one will look in there.”
  6. “Listen, I’m a great decorator”
  7. “My house is worth it”
  8. “I don’t smell anything”
  9. “I will just give them a repair allowance.”
  10. “Everybody loves pictures of my grandkids”
This is a guest post from The-DSA Master Trainer Carol Bass of The Practical Decorator. Check out our DSA class schedule to register for redesign and staging classes with Carol!