dsa coach logoEveryone needs someone in their corner to provide honesty, encouragement, inspiration and a firm nudge.
That is what a good coach does for you!

You know how to create beautiful spaces.  You understand the power of staging and how to best highlight selling features in a room to maximize sales potential.  You understand color and love to create beautiful palettes…now let’s maximize your talent. The-DSA seasoned and experienced training team can help you gain the confidence, create the success plan and get your dream moving.  Take advantage of our free mini-coaching session by contacting us at

Offering coaching in:

  • Business Start-Up- Turn your dream into reality by learning exactly what you need to do to start a  business
  • Client Projects- If you are stumped with a particular client or project, allow us to look over your shoulder to validate or advise.
  • Next Level-Ready to increase profits, let us help you increase your average sale and escalate the demand for your services.
  • Social Media-Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Houzz, how to do it all…we will help you create a schedule and implement it.
  • Marketing Magic-create a marketing plan that rocks.
  • Custom Needs-whatever you need, we can help you.
  • Other Popular topics and Coaches:
    • Pricing Coaches:  Kris Porter, Margaret Innis
    • Client Communication Coaches: Carol Bass, Kris Porter, Margaret Innis, Sandra Wick
    • Social Media Coaches: Kris Porter
    • Easy marketing in four steps Coaches: Margaret Innis
    • Decorating dilemma and solutions Coaches: Sandra Racz, Carol Bass
    • Staging dilemma and solutions Coaches: Sandra Racz, Carol Bass, Sandra Wick
    • Selecting the best inventory Coaches: Sandra Wick, Margaret Innis
    • How to Market my business Coaches:  Kris Porter, Sandra Wick, Margaret Innis, Carol Bass
    • Business Review and Suggestions Coaches: Carol Bass, Kris Porter, Margaret Innis
    • Working with Real Estate Agents Coaches:  Margaret Innis
    • Presentation Review Coaches: Carol Bass, Kris Porter, Sandra Wick. Margaret Innis
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