Confident Color System

What is Confident Color System?  Color is the root of every beautiful room.  Not only colors that look great
together but also colors that make the people that live there…feel phenomenal. Creating a beautiful room requires an understanding of the color selection process, which requires more than a good eye for color.

This Color System is a unique color selection system blending the science of color with the power of numbers. Learn how to communicate color with your client and never again ask the question, “What is your favorite color?”


Confident Color Consultant
Tuition Includes
Manual, Forms, Learn­ing Aids, Pro­fes­sional Color Deck,  Affil­i­ate Dis­counts, Hands On Exer­cises in Real Homes (Combination Class Only).

Learning Options:
Two Day: Certified Live/Hands-On Class $1195
On-Demand: $895

Consider a combination class with
One Day Decorating/Interior Redesign $2750

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•The Art and Science of Color
•Perfect Palette vs. Pleasing Palette-which is best for your client
•Why the Order of Colors Matter
•Never again ask the question…”what is your favorite color?”
•Why the Elements of Color Matter
•Translating to different mediums
•Real vs. Perceived Color Recognition
•The Confident Color Consultation
•Colorization Tools

•Pricing your Services
•Colorful Marketing