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The school year is well underway and with the littles back in the classroom you may be considering heading back to the classroom yourself. But when it comes to going back to school you may be worried about your ability to get into the classroom. What about work or all the things you need to… Read More

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Are you addicted to decorating? Do you find yourself wanting everything you see in the store? Luckily, you aren’t the only one. I teach and train individuals who want a career in the decorating industry. When you start a career in this field, one of the things you need to learn, believe it or not,… Read More

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Do you find yourself decorating rooms in your head? Do you enjoy creating beautiful spaces? If this sounds like you then you’ll want to check out our home redesign and staging classes from The-DSA! We offer one of the most comprehensive curriculums in our 3- and 5-day classes to teach you more about color, placement,… Read More

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Everything is in full bloom (yay!) and that means it’s time to change up your home’s decor from winter drab to summer FAB! If you’re in search of more ways to add green to your home for summer, we’ve got it right here for you! Here are three reasons to spring for green this summer:… Read More

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Raise your hand if you LOVE Joanna Gaines? We’re seriously obsessed with her and her a-dork-able husband Chip. If you haven’t seen Fixer Upper, well, you should! Joanna’s style is a combination of farmhouse chic and vintage, and we couldn’t enjoy the looks she creates anymore than we already do. To help emulate the visionary… Read More