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5 Fall Favorites to Gobble Up

5 Fall Favorites to Gobble Up

Happy November everybody! I can’t believe it is already that time of year again. Thanksgiving is 3 weeks from today and our homes will be covered in hues of orange, yellow and red, if they aren’t already. Although daunting, the process of decorating for the […]

20 Things Every Room Needs Webinar

20 Things Every Room Needs Webinar

 20 Things Every Room Needs This is a webinar and seminar we did that received great feedback. Therefore, we thought we would make it as easy as possible for you to view.  Every room needs a plan. Especially one that takes into consideration the people […]

What are you Waiting for? Let’s get Started!

What are you Waiting for? Let’s get Started!

You love decorating, you are the go-to person for family and friends…  Isn’t it about time to start a business doing what you love?  It begins with training with one of the talented trainers at The-DSA. You will love it but then you need to […]

Home Decor Trends We Are Thankful For, And Some We Are Not

November is a month of giving thanks for the things in your life – your family, friends, your home, and so much more. When we’re doing so much reflecting on the amazing things in our life, we also like to get a little more lighthearted […]

Five Home Decor Trends to Watch this Fall

Fall is finally here and we can’t wait to break out the pumpkin decor! In addition to make our homes look cozy for fall, we’re also in the mood to update them a little bit with trendier accessories, colors, and upgrades! There’s nothing wrong with […]

Earning Staging Honors

HGTV is a tip-lover’s heaven. They bring plenty of tips and amazing visuals to life for us to replicate, but when it comes to earning staging honors, it’s about more than just what you see on television. As experts in home redesign and staging, we […]

Back to School with The Decorating and Staging Academy

The school year is well underway and with the littles back in the classroom you may be considering heading back to the classroom yourself. But when it comes to going back to school you may be worried about your ability to get into the classroom. […]

Shopping Tips from a Professional

Are you addicted to decorating? Do you find yourself wanting everything you see in the store? Luckily, you aren’t the only one. I teach and train individuals who want a career in the decorating industry. When you start a career in this field, one of […]

Redesign & Staging Classes from The-DSA!

Do you find yourself decorating rooms in your head? Do you enjoy creating beautiful spaces? If this sounds like you then you’ll want to check out our home redesign and staging classes from The-DSA! We offer one of the most comprehensive curriculums in our 3- […]