What are you waiting for…let’s get started!

You love decorating…you are the Go-To Person for family and friends.  Isn’t it about time to start a business doing what you love?  It begins with training with one of the talented trainers at The-DSA. You will love it but then you need to get […]

Tips for Putting Away Holiday Decor

As much as we love decorating for the holidays, there comes a time when we have to take all those decorations down. And with Christmas just a week away, and the New Year two weeks away, you may already be thinking about the dreadful day when […]

Three Holiday Decorating Tips

Holiday decorating is probably well underway at your house, but if you’re someone who likes to wait a little bit longer than others to decorate your home for the season – we have some tips for you! Use What You’ve Got – Create your own holiday […]

Tips for Hosting a Holiday Party

The holidays are officially here! And you know what that means! It’s party time! The holidays are our favorite time of the year because we have tons of excuses to hang out with friends and family – and eat a lot of food! Here are […]

Easy Like Mother Nature: Color Trends We Love

Sherwin-Williams is all about celebrating contemporary life and it shows in their color palettes for 2018 that you can incorporate into your home decorating and staging. Affinity, Connectivity, and Sincerity. Sherwin-Williams says that each color is inspired by “the collective culture of the moment – […]

Home Decor Trends We Are Thankful For, And Some We Are Not

November is a month of giving thanks for the things in your life – your family, friends, your home, and so much more. When we’re doing so much reflecting on the amazing things in our life, we also like to get a little more lighthearted […]

A Busy Woman’s Guide to Holiday Decorating

No matter how much time you think you have throughout the year, Christmas always seems to sneak up on us. And every year, when we’re caught off guard, we promise that next year is the year we’ll be ready. We tell ourselves that we won’t […]

Quick Ways to Set an Autumn Table

With all that’s going on this fall, and with the holidays just around the corner, you may not have a lot of time to set your table for autumn. We’re helping you give your dining room a fall feel with these quick ways to set […]

Five Home Decor Trends to Watch this Fall

Fall is finally here and we can’t wait to break out the pumpkin decor! In addition to make our homes look cozy for fall, we’re also in the mood to update them a little bit with trendier accessories, colors, and upgrades! There’s nothing wrong with […]