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Posted on: August 18th, 2017 by amyscalia | No Comments

Is one of the things holding you back from taking our redesign classes a fear of not making a return on your investment? Well, fear no more! There are plenty of benefits to taking our classes, and a return on investment is one of the top reasons to sign up for the class! Our 5-day… Read More

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Check out these common lies that homeowners tell themselves when listing their house! Have you told yourself any of these? Let us know in the comments below! “They know we live here” “Wallpaper is easy to remove” “Ah they can see past a little dirt” “They will want to change it anyway” “No one will… Read More

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When working with you, my client, it is very hard for you to articulate what you want sometimes. You certainly know what you don’t want, but often only after I show it to you. So when we meet, I may ask you to describe the perfect room in five or six words. I may say,… Read More

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Trainers at The-DSA are not only instructors, they’re design professionals with businesses of their own! We wanted to showcase their talents and skills by highlighting some of their projects below! Sandra Racz, Executive Director Sandra is the Executive Director of The-DSA and is the owner of Signature Redesign. She offers classes in One-Day Decorating/Redesign and… Read More

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Did you know that 34% of buyers will take a walk or drive by a house they may be interested in before making an appointment to view it? Make the right impression by taking a peek of your own home at night. Is it scary? Are most of the lights burnt out? Check it out… Read More