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Marketing and Website Evaluation

by Sandra Racz 0 Lessons in ,

Angela Brooks, a speciality trainer for The-DSA and OTB Marketing owner, share during LTF webinar the importance of your website, tips for decorating and staging website and how to brand to influence.

Statistics – PROVE IT! Show Me, Don’t Tell Me!

by Angela Brooks-Osborne 0 Lessons in $199.00

“Trust is crucial to securing clients. If they don’t trust you, they won’t buy. Many stagers think it is price that keeps the clients away, when in fact, it is trust that it is worth it.”Angela Brooks, Marketing Coach for 100’s of stagers across North America. Ever been asked for proof that staging works? Did you know statistics can actually come in different formats and even just starting out a...

Getting the Most Out Of Your Trade Show Investment

by Angela Brooks-Osborne 0 Lessons in , $99.00

Where can you advertise where your potential clients pay to  come to you and you have an opportunity to talk to 50+ of them in one day?    Trade shows can be a powerful way to advertise and build relationships, as they allow you to reach many people in just a short period of time. When you choose the right trade show for your business, and execute the marketing/sales process correctly, you can really tap into a...