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the oldest and most experienced training company blending all the niches of decorating and staging. The Decorating and Staging Academy, The-DSA Industry Affiliates

The Decorating and Staging Academy, The-DSA, has been teaching others how to succeed for years.  In fact, their training has been recognized, endorsed and/or utilized by industry associations. The-DSA’s first professional class was offered in 1999. The training team is made up talented women who have build their own successful businesses and contributed to deco picturesthe most comprehensive and powerful training program in the country.  In fact, many other training programs  began their career with certifications from The-DSA in Staging, Confident Color System,  One Day Decorating, Redesign, or Interior Decorating. Over the years, The-DSA is proud to have a variety of powerful women as part of their training team.
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The Decorating and Staging Academy Master Professional Trainers are experienced, talented individuals that blend  real life practical skills with creativity and business acumen all topped off with great senses of humor.  As one of our former students said, “I never had so much fun learning.”  Whether you attend a live or online class, you will see these are not sit down, yawn, yawn, theory classes but truly hands-on, interactive learning.   The-DSA has always been known for their practical and logical approach to creating beautiful rooms and successful decorators and stagers.
We teach real decorating skills for real people, both our students and clients.

The-DSA offers a variety of  ways to learn, including live classes, webinars and on-demand training.  As a respected leader, their classes are endorsed or recognized by many industry associations.    In addition, they offer a variety of continuing ed and support training and materials for the creative entrepreneur. Students of The-DSA are typically aspiring Decorators or Stagers who want to launch a business or established professionals who want to enhance their existing business. However The-DSA has witnessed a large increase in DIY students who want to add a professional touch to their DIY (Do It Yourself) approach to decorating their own homes.

What sets The-DSA apart?

  • Multiple ways to learn including Fundamental Hands-On Training, in real house with real clients
  • Formulas for every aspect, reinforcing key design, staging and color principles
  • Forms and Systems to transition into a successful career
  • Yearly curriculum updates

Plus an annual conference-The DECO-Zone, where like minded entrepreneurs gather together to the learn the latest trends, how to keep their business and techniques relevant and so much more.

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